B!RTHF!T Fitness

Come, move your body, connect with your breath, baby, and other women!

Join us for a 4 week series, 2x a week designed to help you, the prenatal or postpartum mother build strength and confidence in your fitness and overall function through your motherhood transition. Strengthen your mind, body and pelvic floor!

$189 for 8 classes
April 2nd-26th: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am-11:30am
Location: C5Fit, 1030 Huston Street, Grover Beach, CA



Birthfit is a movement. A tribe created for women empowering each other throughout the prenatal, postpartum and motherhood transitions,  lifting each other up through positivity, movement, connection, and nutritious food.

Whether you don’t have a fitness routine or you are an athlete, BIRTHFIT Five Cities is here to meet you right where you are at, to guide you on this new journey!